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Starting a new blog is both exciting and daunting experience for me, because thinking of the actual real commitment and future (less possible) serendipity is hard to be materialized and weighted. So maybe laying the expectation low would be a better strategy.

It’s the end of year 2018 and many things have changed especially for the last four years. I do not usually care for looking back and this time it’s no different: in this piece I should only try to cover my expectation for the next year and this blog.

In the past few years I’ve been reading a lot but to be honest most of them are just random articles on web that I forget within an hour. To change that I think writing down my thoughts and rumination upon the article and subject can be useful. (Also this applies to books.) So to write is to remember.

Making myself write longer blog articles can also hopefully help building my ability to articulate and then be more terse again. I read about an article from someone who had been blogging since sixteen and he shared that writing more than two thousand words per article can help with SEO as well: this might be a virtue of longer articles. So in this sense to write is to articulate and oil the vehicle of expressiveness - because expressiveness limits one’s thoughts as well.

Also mentioned in that articles is the importance of picking an audience: because to write is to express oneself and spread ideas; people are busy and won’t care about who you are or what you did - it had to be relevant to them. I hope this can help me build up the sense of meaningfulness as well as a sharper sense of what really matters to people and their daily and professional life (of course within a technology context).

Hopefully that laid the background of the why for this new blog.

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“To write is to remember.” Truth indeed.
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